Rebar Accessories

Bar Supports

  • We carry bar chairs, slab bolsters, continuous high chairs, beam bolsters, high chair metal decks, high chairs with plates, safety caps and more.
  • The amount of concrete cover over the rebar is very important. Constructed properly, the concrete protects the rebar. Bar supports are used to hold the rebar up off the formwork or the ground to attain the proper depth of cover

Tie Wire

  • Tie Wire is made from the softest annealed wire available to assure you that it will consistently form the perfect tie every time. From a saddle tie, to the wrap and saddle, to the figure eight, the pliability of tie wire makes every tie a snap.
  • Black Annealed tie wire, which is the most commonly used, and Galvanized Annealed, which is used for added corrosion protection, are both available in 18, 17, 16, 15, and 14 gauge.

Mechanical Couplers

  • Tapered thread mechanical couplers are the most popular form of rebar coupler. They are a simple and effective method of connection: opposing bar ends have a tapered thread and are joined using an internally threaded sleeve.

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